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Questa candela profumata dà la vostra casa il delizioso aroma di un vecchio stile gelateria, dove caramelle fatte a mano e gelato alla vaniglia danno l’aria di una dolcezza firma. Il liscio, ricche note di burro rendono questa candela ossequio uno vaniglia ti consigliamo di sciogliere, invece di mangiare.
Made in USA

Disponibile su ordinazione


Village Candle

Made in USA

Artistry and Authenticity are at the Heart of Everything we do

This Is Your Journey

At Village Fragrance we bring to life the fragrance experiences that enrich your life. Guided by our passion and mastery for fragrance making, all our scents are born in Maine and made with meticulous care and craftsmanship. We gather the finest ingredients from all over the world and artfully blend these with elements from home – authenticity, raw beauty and a vivid realness you can only find in Maine.

Our Village. Our Heritage

For 25 years we have quietly grown our village around sharing, community, and quality fragrances.

Our passion was first ignited by our love of candles and a mission to create the richest and brightest candle experience. We did so by dedicating ourselves to seeking and sourcing the finest ingredients, partnering with fragrance artists who shared our passion for quality and risk taking, and bringing illuminating innovation to the craft.

Village Candles are now beloved by fragrance lovers all around the world – a great source of pride for us, and a dream come true for our fragrance collective here in Maine.

From our village to your village has remained our inspiration all these years. And our commitment to creating and sharing memorable fragrance experiences is stronger than ever.

Now, celebrating our 25th year we’re also celebrating our journey, our relationships, and our gratitude to all of those who inspire us and have embraced Village.

We are, and always have been, family owned, something that makes our approach more personal and heartfelt every step of the way. Guided by our years of craft, caring and quality, we now embark on a new adventure – and a new world of fragrance. One that’s still all about the details, but offering deeper, richer and more layered fragrance experiences. Experiences to fill your home, and touch your world in every sense (and in every scent). Always lightfilled and filled with inspiration, this best kept secret in fragrance is about to be discovered anew.

This Is Village Fragrance

Living, breathing fragrances for your every emotion, every adventure, memories to be awakened, and new memories yet to be made. Your heart is at the center of it all.

Let the journey begin.


90 Spencer Dr.
Wells, Maine 04090


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Peso 0.454 kg
Dimensioni 10 × 10 × 13 cm


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